Tool & Die

This area supports the manufacturing capabilities and is the Army's first choice to produce and manufacture Small Arms Field Service Gages. These gages are provided to the other branches of service as well. This area has the capability of producing tolerances of 40 millionths in a production environment. Tool & Gage Department has received accreditation from the Department of the Army for Small Arms Field Service Gage production. This is a multi-year agreement. The tool room has wire and electrical discharge machining capabilities. These machines support unique designs.

Tool, Die & Gage Capabilities:

CNC machining and gage manufacturing performed in a temperature controlled environment

  • tool manufacturing
  • conventional fixturing & manufacturing aids
  • modular fixturing
  • wide range of size available

Die manufacturing

  • pierce, trim, blank, progressive, form, and draw
  • specialized applications such as cam dies and transfer dies
  • injection and compression mold manufacturing

Gage manufacturing and repair

  • field service ammunition, production, and lab gages
  • specialization in small arms field service gages
  • such as:
    • bore assembly gages, headspace and timing gages
    • breechbore gages, firing pin protrusion gages
    • headspace chamber gages, barrell support gages,
    • receiver gages, barrel erosion gages, plug cylinder gages, alignment tool gages, field test bolt gages, and snap fixed gages
    • production functional gages

Specialized machines

  • CNC Moore continuous path jig grinder, 24" X 48" table, accurate to .00005 INCH
  • CNC Swiss made SIP #640 machining centers, 28" X 39" X 30" capacity, 4-axis + 2 rotary axis, accurate to .0001 inch
  • CNC devlieg 4-axis machining center, 60" X 72" X 36", capacity
  • CNC electrical discharge machining, wire and ram type