This service has evolved over the decades into a high tech, highly skilled team capable of machining or assembling almost anything imaginable. The frequent use of CAD/CAM modeling technologies has greatly enhanced capabilities of the shop and also reduced the time required to produce more complex configurations. This team’s efforts are frequently used by organizations world wide, military and non-military.

The Prototype Shop/Rapid machining cell is known around the world wide as a leader in large caliber, Hydro-pneumatic recoil system production prototyping.

In recent years the prototype team has played a vital role in the development and fabrication of prototypes for the following, many of which are now in full production:

  • MPH (Mobile Parts Hospital, laser)
  • FRS (Forward Repair System)
  • XM 194
  • Crusader
  • XM 35 Gun Mount
  • XM 36 Gun Mount
  • MRAAS (Multi-Role Armament & Ammunition System) Gun Mount
  • 155 lightweight technology demonstrator
  • Gun Mount/Ammo rack for AC 130 Spectre Gunship
  • CMTH (Contact Maintenance Truck Heavy) framework
  • PQAS (Petroleum Quality Analysis System)
  • GELONS (Gun Electronic Laying Optic Night Sight)
  • M7 Machine Gun Pedestal
  • Dragonfire Mortar System
  • Recoil Gymnasticators
  • Lock and Dam repair parts for the US Army Corps of Engineers

In addition they have played a major role in the rapid response manufacture of spare parts for numerous small arms systems for the War Fighter.