Pliable Materials

The pliable materials department focuses on the molding, manufacturing, and repairing of various materials. This area has the ability to form plastic, rubber, and leather products. They also make, modify and repair a variety of articles made from cloth, canvas, plastic or rubber-coated material, nylon, webbing or other textile material. Fabrication of non-textiles such as leather felt, various gasket materials, rubber, cork, plastic and sponge is completed here. Gaskets, wipers, O-rings, and pads have been made in the pliable materials area. Products for the FRS have been made in this area. Rock Island Arsenal is the customer’s choice for the M198 Obturator pads for the M198 Howitzer

Pliable Material Capabilities

  • Rubber Compounding
  • Compression Molding
  • Injection Molding