Pattern Shop

The pattern shop is a full service facility capable of supporting new manufacture & pattern maintenance. It can handle any job; large, small, complex, or relatively simple. Patterns have been built to produce 100 year old lock and dam requirements as well as many custom complex designs. (JMTC's pattern shop can save consumers time because all processes are done in-house instead of being sent out.) This area, unlike many of its competitors can work with a variety of materials such as plastic, wood, and metals.

Two types of patterns are made here, computer generated and hand-made. The method for creating the pattern is determined by factors such as cost, schedule and complexity.

Computer generated models are made with the aid of the Stratasys Maxum, a state of the art modeling machine. The machine can create plastic 3-D models in less than 24 hours. The finished product can be used as a pattern in the foundry or a finish product representation.

Patterns for larger items can be broken down into smaller sections and then made in the Stratasys. Pieces are then assembled to make the large, complete model/pattern.

The Pattern Shop also makes patterns by hand-crafting from wood. A new Haas 4-axis machining center was recently added. This provides the capability to machine intricate patterns from Ren board or permanent patterns made of iron.