The Paint Departments at the Rock Island Arsenal are 2 state of the Art facilities. These areas are responsible for all Surface coatings for the Military.

These facilities are able to handle a wide variety of work from the smallest of parts to vehicles as large as the Abrams Tank. The Paint area’s can staff for around the clock coverage to meet production needs to serve the Solider in the field. These Areas have been able to meet large production demands with limited lead time and were able to achieve on time deliveries with short suspense dates.

Recently the Paint Department has made many changes to reduce waste and be more efficient in its production operations, which has resulted in a lower cost to its customers.

The Paint Department uses a wide variety of application equipment to meet the many different demands for its customers. This equipment allows the departments to apply a wide variety of coatings such as CARC Paint, Epoxies, undercoating and rust protective finishes just to name a few. These areas have a wide range of blasting capabilities such as Steel, Aluminum Oxide or Glass and can blast any variety of parts and equipment.

Both departments are concerned about their impact on the environment and natural resources and have made many changes in their processes to reduce negative effects.

The Rock Island Arsenal Paint Departments Goals are to work safely, produce a quality product, reduce cost and make on time deliveries. Theses departments are dedicated to serve the solider in the field.

Paint Capabilities:

  • 7 Paint Booths
  • 3 conveyor Lines
  • Drying Booths that increase productivity in the paint processes
  • Wide variety of work from the small components to vehicles as large as the Abrams Tank
  • Two state of the art facilities
  • Coating:
    • CARC
    • Epoxies
    • Undercoating
    • Rust Protective Finishes
  • Blasting:
    • Steel
    • Aluminum Oxide
    • Glass