Investment Casting

This area is truly unique. Its purpose is to produce a variety of castings, however this process is very different from a purpose foundry.

Investment casting is a process used to produce castings with finer detail, improved surface finishes, close tolerances and little (or no) machining stock. Many machining and or fabrication operations are eliminated saving time and money.

Investment castings are produced of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It begins with an injection mold used to produce wax patterns. The patterns are assembled on a tree, dipped in ceramic slurry and dried. The wax is then melted out and metal poured in. A variety of waxes are used for different jobs.

The Investment Casting Shop has been instrumental in rapid prototyping. A digital file can be sent to RIA, a model developed and used to produce injection molds or plastic patterns. Turnaround time can be as short as 5 days. JMTC has the only investment casting facility in the U.S. government.

Investment Capabilities:

  • Wide variety of both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials up to 50 lbs.

Investment Process:

  • Pattern- (fill mold with wax)
  • Assembly- (place wax pieces on tree)
  • Investing- (dip wax parts in slurry, much like watery plaster)
  • Stuccoing- (dip wax parts into stucco, much like sand)
  • De-waxing- (wax melts out of ceramic mold)
  • Firing- (harden ceramic mold)
  • Pouring- (add metal to ceramic mold)
  • Knockout- (knock ceramic off metal)
  • Finishing- (blast the product)
  • Inspection- (quality check)