Gear Cutting

The gear department develops and manufactures a variety of gears used in various weapons systems. They have a Class 12 gear manufacturing capability and have a phoenix NC gear cutter as well as a state of the art M and M gear analyzer. The department maintains gear cutting facilities for prototype as well as production capabilities for diameters that range from .5 In. to 10 Feet. Quality is assured by inspecting to AGMA and DEN standards. One of their most recent projects is making new gears for the M198 and M119. These weapons are used in Iraq and wear and tear on the gears requires them to be replaced frequently.

Gear Capabilities:

  • Internal and external cylindrical spur gears
  • Splines
  • Straight and spiral bevels
  • Herringbones
  • Worm shafts
  • Worm gears, including standard, double enveloping, involutes, helicoids multiple leads.