Process Planning

Develop and maintain part-related manufacturing processes and process control plans for customer orders; provide support for capacity management and work flow control; provide support to Rapid Response Manufacturing Cell (RRMC); provide estimates; and manufacturing bill of material for all orders. Provide prototype fabrication services, new products, quick reaction components, or special low quantity replacement parts for RIA and customers.


  • Provide cost estimates
    • Rough order of magnitude
    • Detailed/fixed
  • Build a Manufacturing Bill of Material
    • Assemblies
    • Weldments
    • Piece Parts
    • Purchased Parts
  • Provide Instructions and Troubleshoot
    • Shop orders
    • Update for Revisions
    • Purchase Descriptions
    • Non-conforming Material Disposition
    • Order Tools and Gages
    • Evaluate Suggestions

Tooling Support


  • Provide Tool Design and N/C Programming Support
    • Modeling of tools and cutter paths
    • Creation of Dimensioned Engineering Tool Drawings
    • Creation of cutting tool paths for N/C machines