Process Improvement


What Is Lean?

....a philosophy and ongoing effort to reduce waste throughout every process. LEAN is not an acronym, an event or program, nor is it a list of projects. AMC's goal is to make "LEAN Thinking" the philosophical basis for deciding what products and services to provide and how to provide them. It involves the entire AMC workforce focusing on efforts to increase the value of our products and sevices to the end user, out soldiers. LEAN will position AMC to meet the enormous challenges of the 21st century Army and it's transformation.


To provide support to the Arsenal for Lean implementation, such as Value Steam Analysis (VSA), Rapid Improvement Events (RIE), and follow ups with the purpose of creating a one piece flow system for product and major processes

Major Product Programs:

  • FRS
  • SECM
  • M119 Howitzer
  • Field Gages
  • Other


  • Completed 158 LEAN RIEs events to date
  • 672 Employees Engaged on One or More LEAN Events to date
  • Facilitated Focused Factory for SECM & FRS
  • Developed Integrated Product Teams to accommodate JMTC's Major product groups

M119 Howitzer:

  • Due to complexity of product JMTC has performed 5 VSAs on separate components
  • We have done 9 Rapid Improvement Events to date resulting in a list of benefits
    • Flow Time 32 count moves to 7
    • Last run of M119 we used 329.5 hrs (for 5 releases) of changeover time for 120 Units now we plan to take 48 hrs (for 2 releases)
    • Identified and setup a machine cell to produce weld parts at Takt Time
    • Standardized tooling and programming on a common control to help the training of new employees
    • Reducing Setup time by an estimated 75% on 6 M119 dedicated CNC Vertical, CNC Horizontal, and CNC Lathes
  • Identified Black Belt and Green belt projects

Forward Repair System:

  • Implementing Focus Factory practices
    • This helped RIA-JMTC to ramp up production from 4 units/month to 30 units/month
  • Operation Manager for Forward Repair System (FRS) has been assigned to manage Raw material to Finish Product
  • 3 people have been redeployed to other work
  • Have had 14 Lean oriented activities since January 06'
    • 8 RIEs
    • 4 Do its
    • 2 Projects


  • Established a Pull System from Raw Material to Final Shipment
  • Established Supermarkets
  • Determined Standard WIP quantities

Gunner Protection Kit (GPK):

  • Completed 1 Production Process Preparation (3P)
  • Determined Standard Work for entire GPK to produce 1000 units/month
  • Takt Time
  • Sum of Manual Cycle Time
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Process Flow