This area is quite extensive. Its main focus is on recoil assembly and final assembly.

This is the Army's only recoil mechanism assembly facility. The recoil area has worked on projects such as the M119, M45 for the 198 Howitzer and other spare parts. In the recoil area, all parts for particular weapons are put together. This includes oil and high pressure nitrogen. Tight tolerances and specific interfacings are crucial in this process to ensure that energy from a weapon is absorbed properly.

The mechanical side of assembly has also done a great deal for the joint Warfighter. This area has assembled the Forward Repair Systems as well as armored HMMWV doors.

Cleaning, high pressure testing and disassembly of used equipment are all tasks completed by this area.

This area has a unique expertise. Because they assemble many different products for the joint Warfighter, they have an in-depth understanding of the products. The knowledge has helped to solve problems the Army has experienced with the various equipment.