Since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Armor Integrated Product Team has played a critical role in protecting our Soldiers.

Main products within the Armor IPT include Stryker Add on Armor (AoA), Armed Security Vehicle (ASV) Kits, Objective Gunner Protection Kits (O-GPK), and the Fragmentation Kits (FRAG), versions 5 and 6.

At the start of the 2004, the Armor IPT increased production of HMMWV armor doors by leveraging businesses within the local community. By outsourcing the laser workload, they were able to increase output from 100 kits a week to 225 kits a week. This allowed us to beat the deadline for delivery by 2 months.

In 2006, the Army needed a quick stop gap solution to an increasing enemy insurgence. The Armor IPT and RIA-JMTC workforce was able to answer the call. In a 6 month time frame, the RIA-JMTC produced over 6,000 Interim FRAG 5 kits.

After the FRAG 5 kit ramped down, the IPT focused their attention to O-GPK production. In a two year time period, the RIA-JMTC workforce has produced over 18,000 O-GPK kits for a variety of vehicles.

The team continues to partner with TACOM LCMC to ensure that we making engineering advances to protect America’s sons and daughters. In May 2009, the first FRAG 6 kit was rolled off the floor.

Since 2004, the JMTC has fielded over 45,000 add on armor kits for 6 different platforms and over 15 variants to support our troops on the battlefield.